How's your non-profit's bottom line? Video can help.

by Beatriz Terrazas, IMI co-owner and visual storyteller

In past posts, we've discussed how businesses can partner with non-profits in ways that benefit both. Your clients and customers like to know that you're involved in your community; they like to know that you care about social causes. This makes them feel good about choosing to do business with you, and can keep them coming back to you. And people who patronize non-profits like to know that businesses in the community value that organization enough to make it part of their charitable giving, whether in volunteer hours or donated services. You can read about this here: Cause Marketing

If you're a non-profit, video can help tell your story in much the same way corporations use it to market themselves. We've already shown you statistics about how much more effective video is in helping people retain information, and about how it can affect your SEO in a positive way. You can read about that here: About Video Marketing.

Here are two video examples we created this summer for North Texas non-profits with the objective of helping them raise funds. 

This was produced for our non-profit partner NatureReach, a nature and science education agency, for North Texas Giving Day.

This video was produced for The Writer's Garret literacy agency in Dallas as part of a grant application. We were able to offer the three different video segments separately for individual appeals throughout North Texas Giving Day.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call and see how we can help you tell your non-profit's story.