Finding your brand's voice

By Hannah Sheffield IMI Marketing Coordinator


So you’re creating content for your brand. How do you establish credibility? How do you show your customers that your brand has something important to offer them? You can show your company’s value through a uniform tone of voice, language and style. You can also do so through the production and distribution of content. This consistency is otherwise known as brand voice.

Brand voice is essential for customer recognition. Beyond that, your brand voice is a representation of your company’s values, status, employees and service/product offerings. If you're developing a content marketing strategy, begin with these considerations to develop your brand’s voice:

Nail down four characteristics. Ask what sets your brand apart from others. How does your brand share or explain a concept to a client? List each characteristic with one word. For example:
    1    Witty
    2    Realistic
    3    Engaging
    4    Visionary
When deciding on characteristics that define your brand, it will help to review content that the company has already produced. When reviewing, you might be able to spot trends in language or in an overall feeling of the content.

Outline your company’s values. This is important to convey to prospective customers. You want your brand content to “bleed” your values. Everything your company produces should reflect your brand. If done consistently, your brand will have value associated with every piece of content produced or every product sold. Here are examples of companies that have used consistent brand voice. Each is now associated with certain characteristics:
    1    Volvo: Safe
    2    Chanel: Sophisticated
    3    Subaru: Dependable
    4    Ford: American Classic

Keep the customer in mind. How can your brand communicate your business offerings to satisfy customer wants and needs? Keep in mind that your tone should not only reflect your employees and company values, but the customer base as well. Many of your efforts will be to retain or obtain customers. Considering their needs and interests is vital for your brand voice to be heard.

What do you want people to know about you? Develop three concepts about your brand that you want to convey. These concepts should align with your content marketing goals. Keep those in mind when creating content. Consider how you can show your customers what your brand values and who the people behind the brand are. Use your brand voice to deliver value to your target customers day in and day out.

Parting Thoughts

If people are the strength behind your brand, show it. The brand tone of voice should reflect company values, culture, and characteristics. You can build up your brand by using uniform diction and tone. When your company and content creators are able to integrate brand voice into content, your marketing will stop feeling like marketing. Your customers will know your brand without needing a logo or signage. And that’s one thing your company should be aiming for.