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I'm not sold--why should I use video content for marketing?

I have my marketing collateral and I don't need video.

Maybe you don't, but think about this. Anecdotally, you know that we're a visual society with an increasingly short attention span. You also know that well into the digital age, internet and social media content comprise a big chunk of many a company's marketing efforts. And, consider a few hard statistics:

  • 45 percent of internet users report taking some action as a result of watching a video on a website.-OPA
  • Having video on websites can increase organic traffic from search engines more than 150 percent.-MarketingSherpa
  • 70 percent of marketers say that video converts better than other mediums.-VidYard

Talk about opportunities to reach your audience! (Or missed opportunities if you're not using video.)

But conceptualizing and producing video content is hard, right?

It doesn't have to be. Yes, some projects require bigger budgets, but you need not break the bank for every piece of video content--especially if, like social media content, it's going to have a short shelf-life. 

Here's an example. We're a content creation company, but we also have a beautiful set of studios in Dallas. We're producers, but sometimes other producers want a space in which to work on their own projects. They not only want to rent the studio space, but they also need amenities such as makeup and wardrobe areas, a kitchen or cafe for breakfast or lunch, and quiet spaces where they can take calls or answer emails between takes. So, we created the short video below highlighting one of our studios for use in an email marketing campaign. It's a very brief tour of the facility and the amenities that someone might need for a day's shoot. It took just a few hours to shoot and edit, and it immediately got the attention of clients we'd not heard from in a while.

How can we help you create your next piece of video content?