We went. We experienced. We were inspired.

Inspiration at the NAB Show

by Beatriz Terrazas, IMI co-founder

The recap

The NAB Show was a whirlwind of sights, sounds and every bit of technology we could ever possibly need to help in our content creation and storytelling efforts. It was great fun to see what's new, even if at times we had a bit of sensory overload. Check out the time-lapse video and see what I mean.


Our first stop was the Canon area, where reps had demos that included everything from low end still photography cameras to a video camera prototype that shoots in 8k. Doesn't mean anything to you? Don't worry; it's a format way beyond high definition video that for all its sharpness and clarity, isn't yet widely available. Still, it was astounding to see how far digital technology has come. From there, we went on to check out the RED, Black Magic, Arri, Sony and Panasonic booths, and anything else that caught our eye along the way.

What we love

We love the Canon brand because we find its video and still photography equipment integrate together very well. Currently, our choice of storytelling tools for your video content comes from Canon's Cine line, the C100 camera, and occasionally, the higher end C300. For still photography we use the 5dIII, which can easily be a second video camera when we're doing two-camera shoots. The Canon lenses fit both still and video lines, and that synergy is a win-win because many of you ask us to produce video and photos for your projects. 

Skills still matter

One interesting panel we attended featured three documentary filmmakers who talked about the latest Canon tools they use in their work. From watching their clips, however, it was clear that while the technology they use is fantastic, their skills are what hit their projects out of the ballpark. (One of them even said he's having a hard time letting go of an older piece of equipment to make way for the new.) Our core belief about storytelling has always been that if you don't know what you're doing, state-of-the-art technology of any brand isn't going to help you. We are storytellers first and foremost. The gear is simply what we use to do our job.

Still, we had to check out as many exhibits as possible to see if there's anything new that can help us tell your stories. Check out the gallery to see a few scenes from the NAB Show.